30,000 Tonne crushing facility with 35 million litres of storage and

20 million litres production per annum

Riverland Vintners is a state of the art, contract processing facility with a crushing capacity of 30,000 tonnes and storage facilities for approximately 35 million litres of wine.

The is a well located, large and modern winery at Monash in the South Australian Riverland.     ​


Riverland Vintners:

•    Processes your wine grapes into wine.
•    Blend wine to your price, quality and style requirements         across many South Australian regions. 
•    Blend wines for bulk shipment or bottling for domestic and

     international markets.
•    Supply wines on an ongoing basis with consistent quality.
•    Has a fully equipped laboratory and two private tasting

     rooms on-site.
•    Encourages you to use your winemakers to prepare and

     supervise wines to your exact specifications if you wish.
•    Will receive your wines from other sources, store, blend

     and prepare for shipment or bottling. 
•    Load bulk wine into flexitanks directly from the winery to

     ports in Melbourne or Adelaide.
•    Is a fully certified Organic winery.
•    Is HACCP accredited.

Few wineries have a comparable volume and range of wines across as many regions in one location.

Grapes Crushing
Wine tanks